Southeastern Neurodevelopmental Consultants

Kay Ness is a neurodevelopmentalist, certified by ICAN, International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists. Inspired by the birth of her son, she became involved in the neurodevelopmental work in 1985.  She has evaluated and designed home programs for families with children with problems ranging from severe brain injury, autism, Down syndrome, PDD, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, dyslexia, visual and auditory processing problems,  normal and accelerated, from birth to people in their 90’s.  By addressing root causes of learning and developmental problems, Kay has helped many many families help their loved ones reach levels of achievement that was thought impossible.  She is approved by HSLDA as an educational consultant for special needs.

Sharon Marshall has been involved in supporting family neurodevelopmental programs since 1986.  She implemented a pilot school program for children with learning disabilities for a year and regularly works with children and families to help them be successful with their home programs.

SENC has evaluation branches in :  

Alpharetta, Georgia

Birmingham, Alabama

Winston Salem, NC

Mt. Dora, Fla

Charleston, SC

Branch evaluations are conducted every 3 months.

SENC has a permanent office location in Alpharetta, Georgia - about 30 miles north of Atlanta.


ICAN was formed in 1999 as an association of self consciously Christian neurodevelopmentalists to:

·         To give God the honor and glory for designing us in a way that makes it possible to give hope to families with loved ones with learning and developmental problems and that this work is inspired by and directed by Him.

·         To give parents and loved ones of individuals on ICAN neurodevelopmental programs the assurance that we who are doing this work share their values.

·         To learn from the founders of the neurodevelopmental work and to collect their research and knowledge as much as possible to preserve their wisdom and insights.

·         To further the neurodevelopmental work through research and training in new areas as new information and breakthroughs occur.

·         Through interaction with each other, to share and develop new observations and to share experiences and information that may serve to further our work.

·         To provide a means to train and certify individuals committed to furthering this work. 

·         To set professional standards of excellence for ourselves and for the professionals that we train so that this work may be continued in its development while maintaining standards of excellence.

ICAN has evaluators and locations across the US and in Canada.  More information can be found at

Southeastern Neurodevelopmental Consultants, 4920 Hwy 9, PMB 351, Alpharetta, Georgia    770 619 9843Email: